Venue: Reva Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore.

Conference Details
Conference and Graph Theory Day (June 10): 10-13 June 2014.
Combinatorics and Graph Theory are closely related major thrust areas of current research in Discrete Mathematics with tremendous potential for applications in various fields such as Computer Science, Sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and several other real life problems. A lot of research is going on in various institutions all over the world in the related areas such as Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory, Parallel Computation, Interconnection Networks, Matroids Theory, Algorithms, Coding Theory, Cryptography etc.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts and young researchers and provide platform for discussions on recent advances in the relevant research areas through the invited talks and research paper presentation.

Another important highlight of the programme is the celebration of Graph Theory Day. June 10th birthday of Prof. E. Sampathkumar, who introduced Graph Theory in India, is being celebrated as Graph Theory Day in India. During the occasion, ADMA honours the major contributors on Graph Theory in India in recognition of their achievements.

List of Invited Speakers:

1. E. Sampathkumar
2. S. Arumugam
3. Charu Despande
4. Pushpa Latha
5. Baum
6. Gayathri
7. Bhave
8. V. Swaminathan

Invited Speakers

1. F. Harary Endowment Lecture : Prof. R. Balakrishnan
2. E. Sampathkumar Endowment Lecture: Prof. A. Vijayakumar

Plenary Talks:

1. S. S. Sane
2. S. A. Choudum
3. S. Arumugam
4. C. Pandurangan

Invited talks (45 min)

1. Madumangal Pal
2. H.S. Ramane
3. B.K. Dass
4. M. M. Shikare
5. Mukti Acharya
6. A.P. Santhakumaran

Invited talks (30 min)

1. Baum
2. K. Raja Chandrasekar
3. Aparna Renjith
4. Deepa Sinha
5. M.S. Sunitha
6. G. Sethuraman
7. T. Asir
8. A. Anuradha
Pre-Conference Workshop Details

Pre-Conference Workshop on Semigraphs: 5-9 June, 2014
The concept of Semigraphs was introduced by Prof. E. Sampathkumar in 1994 in one of his attempts to generalize Graph Theory. The concept being closely related to graphs, is found to be useful in several applications and this has prompted further research in this area. Apart from Prof. Sampathkumar, the notable contributors in this area are S. S. Kamath, R. S. Bhat, Saroja R. Hebbar, Pushpa Latha, N. S. Bhave, V. Swaminathan, B. Y. Bam, K. Kayathri, C. M. Deshpande, P. Das, S. P. Subbiah and many others (the list would go very long!). It is notable that there is a significant contribution from a large group of Indian researchers which has been appreciated by many leading graph theorists in the world.

While Prof. Sampathkumar has evolved the subject on the lines of Graph Theory, others have successfully extended the concept to various other fields, such as domination, coloring, degree sequences, partitions etc. The pre-Conference Workshop on Semigraphs is essentially a platform to not only create awareness about the recent developments in this area; but also to give ideas and encourage the young researchers to contribute in the further developments.

Following resource persons have tentatively agreed to participate in the workshop:
  1. E. Sampathkumar
  2. S. Arumugam
  3. N. S. Bhave
  4. V. Swaminathan
  5. Pushpa Latha L.
  6. S. S. Kamath
  7. Charusheela M. Despande
  8. B. Y. Bam
  9. K. Kayathri
  10. P. Das

    For submission of your paper, please send soft copy to Prof. E. Sampathkumar at [email protected]